Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cleveland news, and then on to something else.

So the news from Cleveland Clinic was that her tyrptaste level was normal (4.something ,with above 11 being abnormal, and above 20 being systemic masto-I think).  She also did not have the c-kit mutation.  This means, no bone marrow biopsy (woo hoo), she will likely outgrow it (woo hoo), and we still can't be sure if belly stuff is masto related or not.  The doctor was still waiting on the slides from her tumor that was removed in April, and will call us back after he gets those and is able to put some more puzzle pieces together.  We mostly are just elated for some good news.

Moving on....

Saturdays, in our house, usually consist of someone getting up with Abigail to take her potty, and then all three of us hanging out in our bed to be silly for a while.  This morning was no different.  Abigail steam rolled us, she tried to steal Papa's pillow, she gave me a couple accidental elbows to the kidneys.  She also went and got a book to read to me.  It's an old book, and a very simple one called 'My Red Umbrella.'  The premise of the book is that a little girl has an umbrella, it begins to rain, all the animals come under it with her.  It stops raining and they all leave.  Boring really.  So Abigail reads it to me today.  She started with 'Once upon a time,'  which is funny since we haven't read fairy tales, we don't do Disney movies, and I am unsure of where it came from.  None the less I was giggling while she layed there reading it to me very seriously.  The conversation that ensued afterwards though, was the icing on the cake.

Abigail-'Mama dere's a owl in dis book.  Hew, I find it and show it to you.  You hab to be caweful of owls.'

Me-'You have to be careful of owls?  Why do you have to be careful of them?'

A-'Well a owl came and took my eye off.  He took my umbwella too.'

M-'Oh my.  What did you do?'

A-'I asked him nicewy to gib it back.  He did.  I put my eye back on, and him gabe me my umbwella too.'

I really love my daughter and her imagination.  I am looking forward to all the upcoming stories that are forming in that little brain of hers.

Be careful of owls,

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  1. What an imagination! :) We really need to get together sometime so I can meet this tiny princess!