Wednesday, April 23, 2014

happy heart day.

two year ago we got up early and talked to a bright eyed little.  we prayed over her.  we sat anxiously.

we walked with the nurses as they wheeled her from her home of two months to the operation room.  we kissed her goodbye, and sat for nine hours, waiting to see her again.

afterwards there were more tubes and wired than there had been before, and she was on a medicine to paralyze her because her sternum was still open.

but, much to everyone's surprise she did great, and they took her back to surgery and closed her sternum.

a week later, after nine weeks and one day, she came off of the vent.  for the first time in over two months she no longer had a tube in her throat. 

...and it would be really easy to focus on the hardness of that part of our lives.  but, two years later, i'd much rather share who shilo is today.  a two and a half year old, full of life, joy, and orneriness.  she can communicate very well, by signing.  she is strong willed.  she has learned to use the potty all the time.  she is madly in love with her big sister.  Jason and I took some time this year to go back and read all of the messages we got that day, all the people who were praying, and sharing our story so that others could pray.  and instead of feeling sad, all I could feel was the love of a community who surrounded us beautifully during the hardest time in our lives, and continue to do so now.  so today, we celebrate two years with a fixed heart.  and we rejoice at the little God blessed us with.

happy heart day little.  we love you greatly!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

somewhat real life.

we are big fans of lifestyle photography, which just means that we like pictures that show us in a little more day to day type setting over posed, everyone smiling type pictures.  the picture at the tops should be a pretty good indicator of that.
anyway, we hadn't had pictures of our family, like this, taken since shilo was two months old.  but, as shilo has gotten healthier and healthier, I have really wanted some fun photos to document our family.
so, for our Christmas present to each other (ourselves) Jason and I held off buying each other anything, and instead invested in family photos.  I can't post them all, because there are just too many, but they turned out amazing.  they were taken buy kira childer's photogoraphy.  there are some sneak previews she posted on her facebook page, if you want to look through those as well, and i'll share some of our favorites.
a few fun facts about these pictures: 1) they are all taken at our home.  2)  the bugle that appears came from my grandfather's home, who had passed away a few weeks before these were taken.  3) Abigail lost her first tooth the day before pictures which made it even more awesome. 

*these are all copyrighted.  you may not take them from my blog.*