Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Second time around.

We had our home visit to complete our home study tonight.  It's been sort of funny to me how differently I feel this time around.  The first time though I moved all the furniture and scrubbed the floor by hand. I laugh when I remember that I also got a grout brush and cleaned the grout lines on the tile floor in our bathroom. We made certain the bedroom was set up and ready to go. Everything looked just right.
While there have been things in our home that needed done (like pictures that have been waiting to be hung for months) that we finally did, it's not nearly the extent that it was for our first home visit.  Matter of fact I was putting laundry away when she got here.  Whoops, probably should have timed that better.
I also can't believe how much faster the nesting has come on.  While it was there the last time, it didn't get strong until we actually found out about Abigail.  Not this time.  I have been picking up clothes here and there, making a blanket, washing some diaper stuff that got handed down (we cloth diaper), and trying to stay on top of the house so we are ready whenever the time comes.

So for now we are officially home study ready, and are currently breaking it down at our house to the song 'Dynamite.'  It's Abigail's new favorite.  I need to go throw my hands now. 

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