Sunday, November 6, 2011

Borrowing a baby.

There is a family at our church with a little guy, C, who is about three and a half months old.  I often snuggle him on Sunday mornings until he falls asleep on me.  Every Sunday I joke that I'm going to take him home with me.  Today,  they told me if I really wanted to (temporarily) I could.  They are a very large family (8-9 kiddos) who were more than happy for a little break.  And we were more than happy for some baby snuggles.
Like most parents preparing for their second child, I have some worries.  I wonder how a new baby will affect Abigail.  Well, little C gave me a very small glimpse into it, and made me long for the day when we can bring home a new little brother or sister for her.
Abigail  happily held him for as long as she could.  She read to him from some library books, brought him toys, and gave him his paci.  If he started to fuss at all she would gently pat him and kiss him while saying, 'It's okay baby.  What's wrong?  What you need baby?'  My heart just melted.  She didn't show one ounce of jealousy towards him.
We did eventually take him home.  We decided it was time when she crawled up next to him on the couch and said, 'You going to be my bwoder.  We going to adopt you.'  Whoops.  I guess she was a little confused.  We explained he already had a family who loved him and would miss him.  But little C helped to wash away those fears I had of what it would be like with a second kiddo.
We believe in being prescriptive, so we have spoken over Abigail, again and againm that she is going to be a great big sister, and how good she will be at helping take care of the new baby when they come.  But seriously, she is going to be a great big sister, and she will be so good at helping take care of the new baby when they come!

Abigail holding baby C.

She even shared her submarine with him, which she puts away anytime she hears other kids are coming over.  It's one of her 'special toys' that she doesn't want to get broken.  At bedtime tonight she prayed for baby C, and that she would get to be a big sister and hold that baby and help take care of them!

Praying that a baby comes to stay soon,

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