Friday, October 28, 2011

...and today she danced.

This week has been filled with the craziness that often accompanies Abigail being sick.  Things started out looking like a stomach bug, she added in some photophobia (light sensitivity) and then continue to have intermittent vomiting even after she was 'better.' 
The hard thing about the disorders that Abigail has, is not so much in the having them.  It's in the not knowing when to write things off.  Stomach virus, normal.  Check.  Second day lethargic,normal.  Check.  Photophobia, not normal, call the the opthalmologist.  Reassurance, check.  Vomiting once a day Wednesday and Thursday, despite being back to herself, not normal.  Trip to the doctor, check.
I really have no idea what to think.  I know I've said this close to 6 million times, but we have an amazing family doctor.  She is so reassuring when I come in, and never seems annoyed.  She agrees that there are some things we can't just 'write off' like you might with a typical child, because it's too high risk.  So the thought is that the stomach virus Monday, caused a headache with photophobia (and it got better by Thursday some I'm guessing this is true).  It also caused some inflammation and flare up in her belly from her GERD and masto belly issues, causing her to have the intermittent vomiting.  If it's not better by Mondayish she will start an oral steroid to help calm down the inflammation.  If things still aren't improving we will see a G.I. doctor.  I REALLY don't want her scoped.  So we are just continuing to pray it gets better.
She didn't get sick at all today, although it's not a fair assessment because she took benadryl this morning to prevent car sickness.  And benadryl also helps tame mast cells.  She also went all of Tuesday without getting sick. 
However, this evening, she danced.  She put on a dress up dress, and spent quite some time swaying and spinning.  'Watch Mama.  Watch Papa.'  'Clap.'  She seemed to be herself tonight.

I also have to end this post with some mad props to my husband.  I woke up in the middle of the night with Abigail's stomach virus that I had caught.  She was supposed to have a pulmanologist appointment today at Riley.  It's an easy appointment, just a following up every few months to make certain asthma meds work.  Jason got up this morning, went into work for about an hour, came home and took Abigail to Riley, brought her back and put her down for a nap, went back to work, came home and fixed her dinner, settled her in with some play-doh, and then went back to finish up everything at work.  I am so thankful to have a wonderful, loving, and compassionate husband.  I spent the whole morning on the couch watching netflix and drinking ginger ale.  I took a nap.  I am already feeling much better!!  All because I was able to get the rest I needed to recover quickly.

I have some test results from Cleveland Clinic, and plan on doing a post on it tomorrow. 

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  1. Joey recently went through some odd ailment, still recovering. It started back when we returned from our wish trip. He was really sleepy, really poopy (started out really VERY constipated so the poopy may have been from too much Miralax and Benefiber)