Saturday, October 22, 2011


A while back Abigail and I were sitting at the table eating together.  She asked to listen to music and so I turned some on.  She then proceeded to say something to the likes of , 'Papa hab secwets.'  I nearly freaked out, but like a good Mama stayed calm and told Abigail that she should always tell Mama if someone tells her something is a secret.  'What is Papa's secret?' 
Her response, him wisten to ipod with his secrets.  Now I'm sitting there thinking what the heck are you talking about, until she made a motion with her hand and it all made sense.  These my friends are secrets.  They go in your ears and tell you stuff.
Papa's secrets.
Phew.  I mean I trust my husband completely, but that was a little scary you know.

So yesterday morning we are sitting at the table again and Abigail chimes in to tell me about Papa and Mabby playing together.  I assumed I heard her wrong and asked, 'Who's Mabby?'  She went on to explain that Papa and Mabby played while I was at my meeting the other night.  I didn't jump to any conclusions because Abigail has imaginary friends.  I tried to get more out of her, but she just kept talking about Mabby and Papa playing.
So last night we are all in the car together and I asked Papa who Mabby was.  He was thoroughly confused and so we tried to get more out of Abigail.  Turns out that this is Mabby.


I imagine you recognize Mabby.  Mostly because it's Abigail.  The other day we were somewhere and someone asked her name.  Despite the fact that I said, 'Abigail' they responded with 'Hi Abby.'  For some reason that stuck in Abigail's head, and she heard Mabby.  (A little tidbit for you, if someone tells you their kids name is a full name, like Abigail, Joseph, Patric, etc, it's probably because the go by the full name, so don't shorten it).
While there have been two crisis averted at our house now I am more on guard against my little girl who seems to want to cause some wreckage at home...


  1. Mabby's face in that picture is priceless (:

  2. I completely agree........I introduce Isabella as....ya know, Isabella and some people STILL say "Do you call her Belle, Bella, Izzy" NO!! I call her Isabella.