Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pink boots.

Every girl needs a pair of pink cowgirl boots. They go with everything. They make fun noises when you walk. And, they never go out of style. Who doesn't look good in a pair of pink cowgirl boots. However when your little girl is limited to one pair of shoes because of afo's and de-rotation straps you strictly ban people from buying things like this. They just remind you that she can't wear them. But somehow that slipped by one person. And so Abigail is now the proud owner of a pair. I must hide them because she can't wear them all the time. An occasional romp in them is okay, but they definitely do not help her walking issues.
So Sunday morning we got ready for church and put them on (along with her new hilarious "happy face"). She loved them. She told everyone "boots." It was fun to get to see her be excited and just be a girly girl. And so I vowed that night to hide them.
Monday came and she had therapy so I put her afo's and tennis shoes on. That afternoon we just hung out at home, played, and enjoyed the day.
Tuesday morning Abigail tells me she needs to wear a skirt, so she can dance (because we all know you can't dance in jeans). So we put on the skirt grandma just sent and came downstairs. And lo and behold mama had apparently forgotten to make her boots disappear. I turned around and she was holding them telling me boots. So I put them on knowing I wouldn't forget last night.

Because two days of wearing them wouldn't hurt her. We would go back to her tennis shoes today. And besides that she can't wear her straps because they are irritating one of her legs. So we will give her one more day.
And I bet you can guess what I did after Abigail was in bed last night. I sat on the couch with my husband and completely forgot about the boots again. So this morning when we were getting ready to put shoes on for library time I looked down and realized it was too late. She was already holding her boots and asking to wear them. And in case you didn't notice from the pictures above, she is really cute. It's hard to say no to such a simple and easy request that will make her happy. So pink cowboy boots it was.
But right now she's napping (okay she's really talking in her bed, but she's supposed to be going to sleep), and so I'm going to go put her pink boots away. I think if I wait much longer we will have a full out battle on our hands. But probably not one I would fight very hard. Even though I know it's good for her to wear her afo's and straps, I also know that she has a lifetime of hard things and it's okay to let her be who she wants to be sometimes. Pink boots aren't worth the battle.

Going to hide some really cute little boots,

UPDATE: I hid them yesterday, I swear I did. And this morning she brought them to me again and said, "boots please." And sure they look a little ridiculous with footie pajamas, but they can be worn with anything.


  1. I only started following your blog very recently. Does she wear an AFO because of tibial bowing or psuedoarthrosis? What is the de-rotation straps for?

    Joey was diagnosed with psuedoarthrosis at 6 months old. He's had a few surgeries to fix his leg and he is currently wearing an HKAFO clam shell with drop lock knees.

    She looks very glamorous in her boots!

  2. i cherish those moments too, i'm glad you do! i think she's darling in those pink boots.

  3. Oh Man can I totally relate. Before Annie was even born I had a closet full of shoes for her - shoes from birth to about age 5 - I know, its crazy, I LOVE shoes! Well, then she got sick and life changed. I cried so hard when we got our AFO's - no more cute shoes. I have lived and learned and now I do the same, take a break from the tennis shoes and braces and let her put those "cute shoes" on every once in awhile! Annie would soooo love Abigails boots!