Sunday, October 2, 2011

Abigail's football philosophy.

Friday night was our local school's homecoming game.  We decided to go because Abigail has been asking to watch the marching band [after taking her to see a performance this summer].  I got Abigail all decked out in the school colors, and we headed to the game.
I can't get this child to stand still.
So all our pictures turn out, well....
Papa managed a good one though.
So we arrive and she sits under a blanket mesmerized the whole time.  We only stayed until half time because it was extremely cold and our daughter was asking to go home and go to bed (I know, lucky parents huh).
Since then we have heard lots of talk about the football game, the friends that we saw there, and her take on what was going on, on the field.  So without further ado, my three year old's interpretation of her first (live) football game:
-the cheerleaders wanted to be playing football.
-the football players were all tackling each other because the wanted the ball.
-if they wanted the ball all they needed to do was say, 'could I have the ball please.'

And there you have it, jealous cheerleaders forced to cheer instead of play, and a bunch of guys who are tackling each other instead of using their kind words.

Enjoying my three year old's perspective,

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  1. Just found your blog throught the Babycenter Ds group - your daughter is PRECIOUS!!! Good luck with your next adoption! My daughter, Samantha, who is 5, has Down syndrome - I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. :-)