Monday, October 17, 2011

One smart....cookie.

Papa and Abigail making cookies together.

Abigail had been begging to make cookies for days.  So Friday night Papa and Abigail rolled up their sleeves and got to it.  She got to eat two that night and has of course asked for them every day since then (I won't mention the five or more at a time how many Papa eats in a sitting).
So this morning my very smart little girl decided to make an attempt for a cookie at breakfast.

A-'Mama my mouf huwts.'
M-'It does?  I'm so sorry.  Do you think you need to take a drink of water?'
A-'No.  I don't fink water would help.  I can't eat my yogurt 'cause it hurts.'
M-'What can I do to help your mouth feel better?'
A-'I sink that a cookie would make it feel bettew.'

Seriously.  When did she become smart enough to try to manipulate her mother into giving her a cookie.  She did get one, after she ate her yogurt and breakfast bar.  I have a feeling that I might be in trouble with this one.


  1. Yes, yes definitely a smart girl! I love cookies too Abigail and breakfast goes perfectly with cookies ;-)

  2. When you guys go for your wish trip, you'll be eating ice cream for breakfast. Every. Day. And it's magical and wonderful and a dream come true.

  3. love (:

    And this is a great picture of the two of them too.