Monday, March 14, 2011

The word is...

Our appointment today went. That's it, it went. It was with a developmental pediatrician. She is phenomenal. We didn't walk out knowing more, but with two more test scheduled and the advice to do surgery on her leg as soon as possible.
Soooooooo....we now have until April 5 to raise 10,000 more dollars. We were planning an actual event, that will not be happening at this point. So we need help getting the word out.
And as far as insurance goes I'll do my best to break it down. When the surgery was considered elective in the beginning we decided to go with the surgeon we wanted because he was the best, and it wasn't going to be covered either way. And now, as a result of the rapid growth and high risk of malignancy we are sticking with the best, therefore it still won't be covered. And because it's out of state the hospital won't be covered either.
I am not outraged by this. I am mostly grateful that she has insurance that has covered everything else thus far. Fighting with them would just mean pushing the surgery back and that's not an option.
If you could blog, put her widget on your blog, or post her fundraiser on facebook/twitter we would be extremely grateful. (You can feel free to donate as well, but right now it feels like getting the word out will help that).

Thanks for reading my crazy rantings. :)

Go here to donate, or to get the address to repost.


  1. Her widget has been on my blog. You should do the Show Me Your City on Sunday with Unknown Mami and post your widget with a short snipit of why you are asking.......and link up to Sunday Snapshot on NiHao Y'all (I follow both)

    There are other photo things you could link up to.....just ask those who read your post to add the widget. The more you get....the better your chances.

    Much love and luck.

  2. Posted for you and fb. And now I'm praying!

  3. Love & prayers, Andrea... I've posted on FB & Twitter for you. We're so grateful that you keep us posted...

  4. There will be a post on my blog tomorrow morning about Abigail. FB and Twitter are blocked at work now, so I will try to remember to put something up on those places Friday when I have access.