Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh my goodness!

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And now back to the title. Oh my goodness. I feel like some people out there in the 'I follow your blog' land must think we are making things up. Every few weeks I have to tell you about some crazy event that happened generally involving our daughter and her crazy medical shenanigans. But they are all real. I haven't even changed any names to protect the innocent. And I have yet another story for you.
Friday night I gave Abigail a bath. This never happens. She gets bathed regularly, but it has (for some unknown reason) been a Papa thing for the last year or so. I sit on the couch and play on facebook and listen to the giggles and squeals. I occasionally peak in on them to see what could possibly be that funny.
I have digressed. Anyway, I gave her a bath and put lotion on her and got her ready for bed. Whenever I put lotion on her I always rub the area where her tumor is for a little longer than normal to see if I can feel any changes. I know that it has grown over the last few months, but still nothing too crazy. I did just this on Friday, put Abigail to bed and went on with an awesome girls night while my husband worked hard somewhere doing something.
The next morning was a normal Saturday morning. Around 10:15 I got the lotion out and was getting Abigail dressed. When I took her pajamas off I could visibly see her tumor in her leg. I have always been able to feel it, but it has never been 'noticeable' unless you really know what you are looking for, but this was a disturbing amount of growth that had occurred between 7 p.m. one night and 10 a.m. the next morning.
I called Jason over to look at it just to be certain I wasn't overreacting. Nope. He said it looked 3-4 times bigger than it had the day before. I called to leave a message for the neurologist on call. I felt so much better when the woman who took the message asked me to describe what was going on and then responded with 'Oh my gosh!'
Got the call back and discussed for a few minutes before deciding she should be seen. So Abigail and Mama loaded up in the car (Papa had to work, he's had really weird hours of late) and drove to Indy. We decided that since it was a specific NF issue, and none of the E.R. staff we have had locally have been very familiar with it, that it would be well worth the trip.
So a few hours in the E.R., confusion over some things, and finally a page to HER neurologist later we answers! Okay, we have three possibilities really and are trying to figure out what to do from here. The first possibility (and the one they are treating her for right now) is an infection in the tumor. Although it's rare it can happen I guess. So she is on an intense round of antibiotics. And while it was red and warm yesterday (a sign of infection) it is not today. However the size of it has not gone down. The other two possibilities are that it really is growing that crazy fast. And that it is growing that crazy fast do to malignant changes in it.
We are still trying to decide how we want to proceed. So once again we could use some prayers for decision making, Abigail's leg, and perhaps some extra grace to navigate what lies ahead. It is hard not knowing what is best, and where to go from here, but also knowing that we have a small being counting on us to figure things out.

Taking a sabbath day's rest,


  1. No way! UGH! Gosh how can it grow so fast! Praying , seriously praying here!!

    And I didn't see this give away, I'm going over there right now!

  2. Lots of big prayers for little Abigail.