Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'll start with the not great thing, and move on to things that will make you laugh. We talked to the hospital today and there had been some miscommunication. The surgery is more than we originally thought it was going to be. So if you look over at the bar on the side the numbers have changed for that reason.

Moving on. Miss Abigail. What can we say. The girl is hilarious. And as of late she seems to be getting funnier by the day. I shared a few post ago of her new family members. We consistently have pig and elephant, but making appearances with them are lion, hippo, monkey, cat, and dog. I'm certain as I buckle them in the car daily that my neighbors are watching and wondering if I'm on something trippy. But we don't want pig and elephant to get hurt in a car accident (even if they aren't in a car seat, and they share a seat belt).
Abigail is also in love with our car. Why? I have no idea. It's a four door Ford Taurus. It's blue. And it gets us safely from point A to point B. But if you asked Abigail about 'blue car' you might picture that we drove some sort of exotic car. When we go to get in the car (at home or elsewhere) she will regularly walk out and say, 'hi blue car. missed you.' She does this as she hugs, pats, and kisses it. Apparently she misses the car while it sits outside waiting on us. Such an affinity for inanimate objects. Once again, wonder what our neighbors thing.
Her other obsession, which I have also mentioned before is her Papa. It is getting bad. I'm not certain if it is age, the fact that Jason has been working crazy hours, or just Abigail. I can go to the store, buy her some sort of fun new cracker, come home and show it to her and she will say one of two things, 'Papa yub...(whatever that item is),' or 'Sank you Papa.' I will argue with her on the latter one. 'No sweetheart, Mama bought that for you. Mama got you those crackers because she thought you would love them.' 'No. Papa goyem. Sank you Papa.' URGHHHHH!!!
However the one that cracked me up the most was when she had her sleep study. When Papa kisses Abigail goodnight, since day one, he give her three kisses and says, 'Papa loves you, Mama loves you, and Jesus loves you most.' So since he wasn't there for the sleep study I told her. She stopped sucking her thumb, looked up at me and said, 'No, Papa yubs me most.' I argued that one too, but she is now insistent that Papa loves her the most.
And lastly I will leave you with a little video of Abigail pretending. She has a toy she got from McDonald's and it is singing in the 'microwave.' (Microwave is what she calls the microphone.) It was pretty cute (or I thought so). Enjoy!

Enjoying warmer weather,


  1. She's so gosh darn cute. If her problems ever bring her to St. Louis......let me know. I wanna scoop her up and give her big hugs. Dr Guttman is here in St Louis......he's a neurologist that knows a lot about NF.

  2. I wonder what's with the car??? Too funny.
    And don't you just love the words they mix up. I'm glad you didn't correct her, microwave/ microphone mix up. They are little for such a short time and these little things are so delightful to remember.
    My daughter used to call the Nutcracker(ballet) the Animal cracker, we would laugh and laugh.