Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Giveaway!

All right as you may already know my friend Jill over at Jillian Raye designs has an awesome ring she is selling, with proceeds going to Abigail's surgery fund. I know she has gotten some orders. I received one of these cute rings, and I got to give one away! If you haven't ordered one yet you definitely should. It is a steal for only seven dollars, and it help out the cute kid pictured above.
After this I received an e-mail from an awesome friend who sells thirtyone items. If you have never seen them you should check them out! They are Really cute. I'm thinking I may have to use some Christmas money to get myself something. ;) Anyway she is hosting a party and if you order through it part of the proceeds will go to Abigail's surgery fund. Just click on the words above that say 'hosting a party,' go to the right hand side of the page and click on 'my events' and it will come up with am event titled 'Abigail's fundraiser. Click on the 'shop now' link and anything you purchase through this will help to benefit Abigail's surgery.

Lots of rice bags.

A big one and Abigail's little one (she can make either size).
And lastly (as well as the giveaway part) we have another amazing friend (do you see the theme in our life with friends) who makes rice bags. They are material bags filled with rice (with a removable and washable outside cover) that you heat for a few minutes in the microwave, or keep in the freezer. They are great for neck pain (I have one on my neck as I type), cramps, kids boo-boos, and we use a frozen one to help with Abigail's tumor itchies. Our friend sells them for $10 (plus $6 shipping in the U.S) and is giving all of the money to Abigail's surgery fund! She has also donated one for me to giveaway to some lucky and awesome reader!
The very one someone will win!!!
So you have until next Saturday (whenever I get around to it during the day) to do the following to enter (leave a separate comment for each one):
1.Link to this giveaway on your blog or facebook and then tell me you did.
2.Tell me something about one of your awesome friends.
3.Go to and tell me something you learned (or you could cheat by going to the what is neurofibromatosis link at the top).
4.Tell me how long you have been reading my blog (this one is for all of those lurkers I know exist and never leave comments).
5.E-mail me your favorite recipe and leave a comment with the name of it (because I'm tired of our rotation).

On Saturday I will go to and pick a winner. If you don't win, or just want to buy one anyway (because they are awesome) you can send me an e-mail at and I will get you in touch with our friend Susan.

Loving getting to give things away,


  1. These are great! My girls and I have so many aches we could wrap our whole bodies in them.
    Let's see you actually found me, so I must have been following you for at least a year, maybe longer.

  2. I will leave you a comment and I am emailing you a recipe!! We love you guys!!!

  3. 3 - I have NF1, so yea, I could write pages and pages of what I know about NF :-P

  4. 4 - I only just discovered your blog today.

  5. 5- Rosemary Chicken, so good and so easy.

  6. 2- My friend Brenda is awesome, she's such an encouragement, so understanding when I'm down and in a funk. Knows when I just want to be left alone and doesn't get offended or knows when what I really need is someone to kick me out of my funk.