Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Tidbits.

There is a lot going on in the hustle and bustle of moving surgery up. And for that reason I am even more scattered than usual. I'm trying to call 100 people and places about 100 different things. I feel lucky to remember to eat right now. Anyway...

My first train of thought is somewhat theological. When I was a new Christian some years ago I remember people debating that religion and God were for people who needed a crutch. I always got so defensive, and most likely partook in some friendly debate with some of them.
Well for the last month all I have thought was 'heck yeah I need a crutch.' Life often leaves us crippled. I mean sometimes a crutch doesn't even cut it, I need a wheelchair. I can not, nor do I want to, walk through all of the chaos of this world without my faith. So next time you hear someone say that you can let them know that the world is a rough place, and most of us need a crutch to make it through. And I can't think of any other crutch besides Christ.

Secondly Abigail had a sleep study last night. We were offered a slot Monday afternoon for Tuesday night and I said sure. I got perhaps two hours of sleep. Abigail slept for the whole study (we skipped nap and made her walk laps at the mall). And praise the Lord, she had at least three episodes that I know of like we see at home. And when she did machines started doing funny beeping things and a nurse would come in. So we won't have results for at least a week, but I feel confident that we will finally be getting some answers as to why she isn't sleeping well anymore!

The third thing is that my little Papa's girl has been cracking me up lately, and I plan to do a whole post soon with things she has said/done that make us laugh hard. Perhaps they are really funny, or maybe only the grandparents will appreciate it. But now whether you hate or love things like that you at least have a heads up.

And last, but not least, surgery and fundraising. Okay first of all the money has been coming in so quickly that I can't do anything but stand here in awe and praise God. We found out yesterday that we have to have all of the money up front for the surgeon, but can make payments at the hospital (or at least this is what I'm understanding so far). Anyway, as of today we have enough money to pay the surgeon up front. This is super comforting to know, and we have a few weeks left.
We have been offered places to stay. We will hopefully get to see some friends who just adopted a really sweet little guy that I got to meet tonight. And on some incredibly miraculous line up of events, Jason's parents will be in Chicago that week for a conference for his dad, and then a few days of fun time. So it's looking like we may be able to do something fun with them even!!

So there are all of my new things I needed to tell you. Don't forget, if you haven't already, to head over and enter my giveaway that ends Saturday. And if you aren't interested in that at least check out some of the cool products that are for sale with some or all of the proceeds benefiting Abigail's surgery.

Feeling grateful for people around who know us, and don't know us, loving our daughter,


  1. i need a crutch too. how true. i'm so glad abigail's study showed something, may it be something that can be easily helped.

    and i'm glad about the surgery and funding. many prayers and things from idaho

  2. Such great news about getting the money for the surgery. Love seeing the percent grow every time I see the widget in my sidebar~

  3. I'm with you on the crutch/ wheelchair!
    And i think more than just the Grandparents will enjoy your upcoming posts about Abigail!