Monday, March 7, 2011

...and a win!

So I hope you all enjoyed the post by my handsome and eloquent speaking husband. He has great things to say most of the's just getting him to talk that's the hard part.
I'll start with the journey to Indy last night. Like most larger cities Indy has a loop around it. I was on it last night on my way to our friend's house to stay the night when I started hearing a funny noise. I wondered for about half a second what that noise is before my tire blew. I pulled over to the side of the road trying to figure out exactly how to play out the next step.
We don't have a cell phone. I'm not close enough to an exit to either drive on the shoulder or walk with Abigail. And it's dark. I know how to change a tire but am feeling less than confident in that ability.
I decided to get out and begin the process in hopes that a nice police officer would happen along and at very least stop to help me feel safer as the trucks made the car shake while they passed. I tried to push the visions our of my head of being hit by another car and dying while my daughter sat in her car seat alone not knowing what was going on.
Forty five minutes later I felt pretty awesome as I got back in the car and drove the rest of the way to our friend's house. I was a little shocked that in the 45 minutes it took me to change the tire not a single police officer stopped to make sure everything was okay. None the less everything was back under control.
We hung out with our friend a little and went to bed to awaken early. And as always one of the first things Abigail said was 'hungwy Mama.' And she continued to say it for the next two hours until they put her under for the MRI.
I was doing much better today than I ever have for this procedure. I actually slept in the waiting room instead of fretting about whether she was doing okay and what they would find. We went and ate breakfast afterwards and drove home (very slowly due to the spare tire) for a pretty normal afternoon.
When Jason got home I had him call and attempt to get the results even though same day might be a little much to ask. But a little after five the phone rang and it was our doctor's office. I made Jason answer it because I wasn't sure I would hold it together if the words 'tumor' and 'neck' were made in reference to my daughter.
Turns out it is a pretty enlarged lymph node. We aren't sure why it's enlarged, and it needs some further monitoring. However, when you spend a week wondering if things are headed in the worst possible direction swollen lymph nodes seem completely doable.
So we are rejoicing. This has been by far the most fearful I have ever been about Abigail's NF and what her future looks like. It brought about some great conversations between Jason and I. It, as usual, left me in the place where all I can do is put my hope in the One who breathes life into my little bug's body.
So if you have a few minutes make sure you do a little dance at your house for the good news we received! And I promise you that my next post will be full of pictures or videos of the little girl we love!


  1. What an adventure! You're so brave! i would still be sitting on the side of the road freaking out!
    Thumbs up on the MRI. Praying all news stays good!

    And Jason!!! Oh my goodness!! Your words were so beautiful. I just read your post and it was amazing. if you don't mind I'd like to write a post about Abigail and use your post here. if that is OK with you. i cannot believe this surgery is not covered and I'd really like to help you raise awareness. my blog is far from huge but you never know who might be passing by. Jason,I will wait for your permission.
    God bless