Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Updates on our life.

Abigail felt very intenst about "cheese" here.

Well I'll give you the run down on all of the things that might need updated. First of all our Tea Party on Friday night went very well. Abigail ended up getting sick on Thursday so she didn't get to come. We had a great turn out though, and felt so loved by all of the people who came to support our cause. It was a fun couple of hours with music, friends, and laughter. Our goal was five hundred dollars. We, thus far, have made eight hundred thirty one. It feels so good to be doing something. The link to give is still active, so if you are interested feel free to click on the tea party link on the side of the page. Now I just need to work on thank you's. :)
The crowds waiting on door prize drawings.

We made another trip to the doctor yesterday. Abigail DOES NOT have a milk allergy. Praise the Lord! Seriously a huge relief. We came home and immediately gave her a piece of cheese. And after she drank her milk last night she layed there for a few extra minutes with her eyes closed all snuggled up on her papa. This is not an exaggeration. She just seemed to be basking in the pleasure of the reappearance of her "nu."
We also crossed the border of her fever still being most likely only a viral infection. So we started an antibiotic. She hasn't been on one since February. That's a record for her. Hopefully it will work it's magic quickly and we will have our feisty little bug back. She has been a bit crabby, and just walks around saying "mama, mama, mama, mama." I didn't know that it would ever happen, but I could use a break from that word right now.
We planted a garden on Sunday as well. Jason worked all day Saturday and Sunday morning to till an area for it. Then Sunday after Abigail woke up from nap we planted everything. Abigail was a huge help. She was covered in dirt, wet, and ate numerous clumps of dirt as well as making a few attempts at some rocks. The child puts everything in her mouth, but even when it's gross she continues to put it in her mouth. Hopefully she will outgrow that soon, and before there are any really gross incidents.

Abigail with the hoe, post eating dirt...and a little snot.
Abigail and papa in front of the garden.

I think those are all of our update. Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. Abigail's MRI has been rescheduled for early June, so we will let you know more about that after it happens.


  1. woohoo! thank you Lord that Abagail is not allergic to milk!

  2. Thank you sooo much for posting on my blog. Jed is doing great and tolerating his chemo well. Some days are good, others are not so good. You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!! My middle child, Kendall who is 9 years old, has NF1!!!!!! I posted about it several times on my blog before Jed got cancer. She also has a rare eye disease called Coloboma. I am so thankful you found my blog. We are praying for you and your sweet baby girl!