Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pain is good.

Abigail and mama tackling papa.

I've learned a lot in the last few years about pain. You see, there are disorders and diseases that cause a person to not be able to feel pain. And although that seems somewhat appealing sometimes, these people can lose body parts, get horrible infections, and even die because their bodies don't send out the signals to tell them something is wrong. So, you see, pain, although unpleasant, is in our best interest.
But when you are the parent of a little child experiencing pain, it doesn't feel like a good thing. Abigail woke up Sunday from nap crying and telling me her legs hurt...again. I know that this pain means there is something wrong. Her body is crying out to her that things aren't as they should be. And I am thankful that it is giving her, and us, those signals. But I still want to take her pain away.
I spent a few hours out of the house by myself Sunday evening. I just don't know what to do with the emotional pain it causes. I'm certain that this pain I feel is actually good as well. It is an indicator that I love deeply. But it truly feels like too much sometimes. It's a similar ache to the one I had while we were waiting on a baby. Back then though, I knew the ache would be replaced with the joy of a new little life. And it was. The ache now, well I don't know if there is an end here on earth.
As I have spent the last few days in a state of emotional pain, I am reminded of just how good pain is. A long time ago God created the world to be much different than the one we live in. He created it to be perfect. As a result of sin we now live in a world full of pain, sorrow, disease, and death. But God also felt pain with the fallen nature of the world. As a result He sent His son to take our sin and conquer death. If it had not been for the pain God had for His people, and His mercy, there would be no hope. The pain Abigail feels, and the pain I feel would be never ending. Instead I will someday live in perfection again. I will dwell with the angels, and Christ, and feel no more sorrow. My little girl will walk on the streets made of gold and feel no more pain. The tears that come frequently will be wiped away.

Looking forward to no more pain,

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