Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In true form...

...Abigail had kept things interesting. We have an appointment with an allergist at the end of June as the result of a possible peanut reaction earlier this year. It hasn't been a huge deal to just avoid peanuts. We probably haven't been as diligent as some people, but we are at least mindful, and always have the epi pen with us.
I should add that Abigail has had exczema since always I think. She also was diagnosed with asthma. So we have known that there were most likely some allergies in there causing issues. We had concluded that pet dander was a trigger, but other than that didn't want to do any skin pricking unless there were issues.
So last Monday (3rd) Abigail woke up with a lot of little bumps. At first I thought chicken pox, but that's not what it is. I knew it was some sort of allergic reaction, but couldn't figure it out. Everything we use for her is diligently read over to make sure it's hypoallergenic. So when she kept getting more bumps I was intrigued.
Then Sunday she started having some bowel issues (we won't go into detail here). It was definitely starting to perplex me because she hasn't had any issues since we were free to give her yogurt (and do so everyday). Even on antibiotics she is as regular as they come.
Then yesterday evening she had some cheese and within a few minutes vomited on the floor. At first I thought it was a virus, but kept thinking that the symptoms were too far spaced. I began to wonder about a possible food allergy (other than the peanuts we avoid).
It then occurred to me that for about two weeks Jason and I have joked after she eats about "what did you feed her" because she has been really off the walls after meals and right before nap and bed. And what does she have before nap and bed, and some form of at most meals? Milk products. What did she vomit after? Milk product.
So we made the trip across town to the doctors office this morning where they took some blood. We won't have results for a few days. But honestly, this week we have been running crazy getting last minute things done for the fundraiser, preparing for the MRI, and Jason has a couple of work days that are literally from sunrise until sunset. So we don't have much time (or energy) for anything else this week. :)
If it turns out she has a milk allergy there will be some crazy research that will have to take place, and possibly some conversations with a dietitian. Soy has been linked to tumor growth in NF. So it's not an alternative to cows milk for her; leaving us with few other options for milk, and even less for things like cheese! She also is at very high risk for vitamin D deficiencies because of her dark skin, and the fact NF has been linked to issues with vitamin D. And in case you didn't know vitamin D aids in calcium absorption. So it is this big ugly mess if we are dealing with a milk allergy.
So we wait for results, and ignore our little girls request for "nu" (milk) and "cheese." You can pray along with us for quick and clear results as well as wisdom if there is an allergy. We want to be sure that she is getting the nutrients she needs and will do whatever we need to, to ensure that.

Halfway through our crazy week,

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  1. Praying that it's not a milk allergy.

    {( HUGS)} to you guys