Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sugar cookies, movie night, and helping.

I thought I would post some pictures from our last few days. Not only have we done lots of fun things as a family I have had two nights in a row out of the house with two awesome friends. I think I might be ready to take on the next few weeks! Without further ado:

Abigail kept asking to "tir, tir."
And for some reason wanted to hold the vanilla bottle...the whole time.

And take all of the apples and oranges out of the bowl.

I toothpick cut out some "blue's clues" and Abigail did some "tars" and "noo noos." (stars and choo choos)

My paw print.

Abigail loved the "bue's cues tookie."
And had to go potty during the she has a naked bottom half and is covered in flour and blue icing.

So I gave her a bath. We have slight ant problem. This is where Abigail merely touched the side of the tub before she got in. I cam back around twenty minutes later...took a picture and then mercilessly killed all of the ants.

Friday night movie was Sesame Street. Abigail had popcorn for the first time and LOVED it. I was also informed by her papa that she was his girl (and that he loved it). And just to let you know how dorky Jason and I are, we actually laughed out loud during a few parts, and then talked about how funny they were later....oh what children do to us.
And this morning I made pizza crust.I had flour on my hands so Abigail wanted some on hers too. I then got flour on the floor, which Abigail played in and attempted to eat. If you haven't picked up on it yet, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. But she looks cute doing it.
That has been our weekend thus far. It has been wonderful. It is such a joy getting to be parents, laugh, love, and just delight in our daughter the way God delights in us.
Loving weekends,

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