Friday, May 14, 2010


Well as the title says we are not having an MRI today. Abigail's fever spiked last night to around 104. I took her to a walk in clinic (which I HATE doing) hoping that they would be able to give me something definitive (okay really that it was bacterial and we could just do an antibiotic) so that we could still do it today. Instead we heard most likely viral. When I called this morning the anesthesiologist said it would be too risky if it was a respiratory infection, so we rescheduled.
Jason was fine with it, and I have to admit it is always nice to have a day at home as a family that you weren't planning. I cried a little in frustration, and for the fact that it will be another three weeks. I am praying she doesn't have any more pain between now and then.
The other REALLY sucky thing about it all...Abigail won't be able to go to the fundraiser tonight. I beaded her hair and had her tutu and little shirt out and ready for her to dance all night. I am thankful she isn't old enough to be disappointed yet. But I'm pretty disappointed.
She is pretty sick though. She took a two hour nap this morning (we haven't done morning naps in around 6 months) and is sleeping again this afternoon. She has been fussy and snugly as well. During the small amount of time she has been awake we have been watching "Blue's Clue's." It's her new favorite. Here is a picture of her relaxing and enjoying being allowed to watch way more television that we ever allow. :)
As always, feel free to pray for our crazy lives,


  1. Hope she gets to feeling better. Praying for you guys.

  2. I understand your frustration because of the delay. We moms want to know what is going on, preferable we'd like to know RIGHT now. I hope she is feeling better soon.