Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's what it's all about....

I thought I would take a brief moment to share some funny new things from our daughter. These are the kind of stories grandparents laugh at (as well as us) but since I share a lot of our pain and grief I feel like it's good for people to know we spend lots of time laughing, and are truly a little on the goofy side.
We have had cous cous a couple of times now. Abigail LOVES it. She has started saying "tus tus" and has asked for it for breakfast now. I sort of joke, and wonder at the same time...perhaps her African roots run deep.
The other day we were doing the "where is your?" and then a body part. She knew all of them and I was pretty impressed. Then I asked her where her back was to which to she stood up and began walking backwards saying "back back back." Appearantly I have asked her to back up a few times. :) However once I started laughing she just backed all over the house.
It also has been really nice out this past week so we have been spending time outside. Abigail loves our car. I don't know why, but she does. So she walked over to it and touched it then did her sign for cold. I told her I thought it might be hot, but not cold. So she spent some time blowing on it to cool it off, like she does her food.
One of her other fascinations right now is doing the hokey poky. She used to only do it during the song, but now any song can be used with the motions for the hokey poky. If she's doing it, and can see you, get ready to be asked to join. Last night as we were putting her to bed, grandma and grandpa were here, and we decided to sing the hokey poky for her bedtime song. She cracked up as she watched the four adults doing the motions in her bedroom...we might have an idea where she gets some of her silliness from. :) The video is of Abigail doing the dance, but of course she didn't ham it up as much while I was taping it.


  1. omg! i totally needed to see her cuteness today. made my day ! :)

  2. she is the most beautiful and joyful little girl i've seen. what a gift, and i love her name. thank you for sharing her.