Saturday, April 17, 2010

Updating again...

Riley called me back yesterday afternoon (at 3:45) to see how Abigail was doing. The nurse also asked me a few more questions...which lead to her telling me I should take Abigail into the pediatrician immediately. Four a clock on a Friday. Yeah.
Somehow we managed to get in. I think it's because we have an awesome doctor, who happened to be on call for the group this weekend, so she worked us in. So we went in last night. They are doing a check of her urine because of some other things going on with that, that may or may not be related to the pain she had.
However in reality we know nothing new at this point. She said the place on her back did have hair and discoloration but was not swollen. This doesn't rule out, or in what the spot is. So we are still waiting until Tuesday, at which point I'm guessing they will schedule a MRI, so we can wait some more!
Although I'm still not freaking out yet, I am starting to be a little exasperated again. I knew April was a month with lots of appointments, but because Abigail also ended up with a raging yeast infection, we ended up at our doctors office for a blood draw Monday, check of her infection and prescription Tuesday, walk-in Friday, and back for a re bagging to attempt to catch urine this morning. I have probably mentioned before that I LOVE our doctor, and her nurses. They all adore Abigail as well. However I would like to not go to their office four times in a week.
So I'll update you again when (and if) we find out more. For now though I'm going to watch Scrubs and laugh with my husband! It always makes us feel better. :)

Escaping for a while,

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