Saturday, April 3, 2010

Learning to accept things.

My perfect little girl smooching her mama.

Today we got family pictures taken. I am excited to see how they turn out. There were some posed, but lots of them were of Abigail dancing, us wrestling, and just having fun as the camera flashed away.
As you know I have had this struggle in my head with Abigail having to wear tennis shoes all the time. No sweet little dress shoes. No cute summer sandals. I have been feeling much better about it, and have pretty much accepted it and been fine. However, I have thought a lot about what to do for our family pictures. We had them taken with her Easter dress. I just didn't know if I wanted her mary janes. I finally decided to do some with her braces and tennis shoes on, and the rest were all barefoot.
Our daughter is perfect the way she is. She may not be perfect in the eyes of a geneticist, neurologist, and many other doctors. They may be able to look at her and tell you what's wrong. Some days I think this way too. She has millions of wonderful things that are right. And her glasses and orthotics are part of her perfect self. So we did the pictures in them. They aren't what will stand out in the pictures anyway. The things that will stand out are her beautiful brown eyes, her face that lights up with that same smile as her tummy mommy, and her sweet little nose.

The pictures below are from our evening spent at the park with her sister. She is adopted as well and we get to hang out with her sometimes. It's great.

Abigail playing with the stick after here sister put it down.

Abigail trying to skip like Sarah

Learning to see things from a different perspective,


  1. Ahh so much fun! I bet you 99% of people out there don't even notice her shoes! ;) Happy Easter! Run Abigail, get those eggs!!

  2. yes, yes! that's it exactly. she's gorgeous and she is perfect.