Wednesday, March 14, 2012


shilo is rocking c-pap this afternoon.  this means that tomorrow, they will make an attempt to extubate my little peanut.  if it goes well we will get to go home before surgery (we still have more hurdles after that, like eating, but those seem minor at the moment).  if not we will be here through open heart surgery.
we are SO hopeful that it will go well.  and if it does you might not hear from me right away because i will be holding my little girl until my arms get so tired that it's impossible to hold her anymore. :)


  1. Many, many, many prayers for success tomorrow! Show them who's boss sweet Shilo!

    For the first time ever...I hope we don't hear from you right away. May your arms be filled with sweet baby love for HOURS and HOURS :)

  2. Praying for great results tomorrow and that by tomorrow afternoon your arms would be tired from holding that peanut!

  3. Dear family,blessings of peace to you. At one time or another life brings the impossible to our doors. You are not alone. Many hearts carry you and pray for healing of every kind. As a family this can be your finest hour. Love is the ingredient that fules your bond and heals all. Your prayer are powerful. The community that supports you with great love adds to that strength. At every moment you are with many , many caring souls. I dearly hope you can feel us. With my most sincere desire to share my love and caring with you.