Wednesday, March 21, 2012


so the word is open heart surgery next week some time.  we don't have a day yet.  but it means a couple of things. 
first, we have had an awesome and exciting past year.  since they have moved shilo's surgery up, when we hit the one year mark from abigail's tumor removal surgery last april, we will have had four surgeries, on two kids, in less than twelve months.
second it means that the vacation we were discussing as a possibility sometime after surgery will be happening some time this summer.  and the longer i'm here the more i dream about being somewhere, just the four of us, and enjoying life together.
so we are looking forward to being on the other side of the surgery and all getting to be home together, enjoying this amazing weather!


  1. I know you were hoping to delay it a bit, but I'm so happy to hear you sound positive about OHS. I know Shilo will be just fine. She is so very strong and she has such a loving, incredibly resilient family to help her through it.

    I'm not sure where you were planning on vacationing but I feel you all deserves to go somewhere awesome, like Disney World or Hawaii!! I hope where ever you all go, there is a beach :)

    Continuing to keep your family in prayer, and planning on praying extra during surgery week. Hang in there mama, your almost over the hump.

  2. WIll be praying for you guys for next week. Ashlea's transplant is next week so it will be a big week in both our families!!

  3. Just wait until you've had so many surgeries on just one kid in one year that you lose count. Had that happen to me on Friday when the doc said that Joey will need another surgery this year and they asked about all of the surgeries he's had in the past and I was all, "I have no idea". Proud moment :(

  4. Andrea, I am only a phone call or an email away if you need anything... Praying for you all always (as are a whole lot of other people!).
    At least now you have an answer and can get it over with so that you all can move on with your lives.
    Much Love,

  5. Wow is all I can say. You are amazing parents and have a beautiful baby. I am amazed at your strength and courage through all this to remain upbeat. Shilo will be in your arms smiling her big smile really soon.

  6. I read your entire story post by post and I have to say you are amazing people!! The courage and love you show is truly inspiring. We will be praying for your wonderful family and will continue to check on the positive progresses that will surely be made. Keep on breathing Shilo!!