Tuesday, February 5, 2013


it's sort of a common thing to hear people talk about their children having strong wills.  with our big, we fought battles, but she does not have a strong will.  she easily ate what i told her to if she wanted the dessert after.  if she wasn't supposed to play in something, or touch something, she didn't.
she isn't always obedient.  she's sassy, dramatic, and full of life.  but when push comes to shove, she's more than willing to back down and do what's being asked of her (albeit it with a bad attitude some days).
little.  she's already giving us a run for our money.  she does not. want. to. sit.  if you would like to hold her in a sitting position that's fine, maybe put her in the bumbo?!  but on her own, no thank you, i'll lay on the floor, thank you very much.  it's not that she isn't capable.  i've seen her do it.  her therapist have affirmed that she has the physical capabilities.  but she would prefer not to.
what she doesn't know is that she isn't capable of out-willing her mama.  she will sit.  on her own.  and we will do it all day long, with me making certain she isn't throwing herself back, until she decides it's her preferred position.  
sitting on my own.

and i'm done.

the two white things on either side of her head are her socks.  so she's still technically in the sitting position, just with her head on the floor between her legs.  she's not sleeping, or pouting.  she's actually yelling, 'duhduhduhduhduh' to express her displeasure with my attempts at getting her to sit.
oh, but you know where she does prefer sitting up?  not on a nice solid floor that gives ample support. nope.
sitting, with mama's hands close by.
that's right.  she likes sitting alone in the bathtub.  slippery, sliding back and forth, mama certain that she is going to get a face full of water, sitting.
oh, such a big will, in such a small girl.  i get the feeling we are in for it this time around.

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  1. Maybe it's the second child syndrome. Joey was (still is) so amazingly strong willed. I still think that child will be the end of me. One day he will break me into a million bazillion pieces. But he's so wonderfully sweet and has such a wonderful heart so full of love that he would go to the ends of the earth to put me back together again.