Wednesday, February 13, 2013

mad skillz.

don't worry, i'm aware that the title just relays my utter uncoolness.  none the less, i thought i would share a few of our girls newer skills.
we'll start with abigail.  let's see who can guess what abigail has recently learned to do all by herself!

i'm pretty super proud of myself. .. 

...because i can button.

yeah, we know it's crooked.  and we didn't fix it before bed.  we just don't care so much about perfect at our house.  but man are we proud of her.  i didn't work with her on it.  she was putting the pajamas on one night and said, 'watch me mama,'  and she did it.  just like that.  she also learned the word perseverance when i told her how proud i was of her for persevering when she was having trouble getting one of the buttons.  we only have zippers and tying left, and then it will feel like we most definitely have a kindergartner.

shilo's still working on her sitting skills mostly.  but she also has one other thing she has started doing regularly that went by completely unnoticed when abigail did it.  but for shilo, it's a big deal.  it means we are moving in the direction of some day being able to move around on our own.  the picture isn't her best form, but she has started sleeping like this most of the time.

sleeping with my knees under me.

you see, this means that shilo can get her knees underneath of her by herself (they really are usually all the way under her with her little butt up in the air).  lots of babies do this.  but for us, it means that shilo has down a step that she needs for creeping and crawling.  it's funny the things we took for granted with abigail that all of a sudden seem like a huge milestone!
oh, and this video is just to let you know, that her feelings about sitting aren't much different than they were a week ago, although she is getting better and better at it.  her p.t. may have laughed at her monday when she cried at her, turned to make sure she was watching, and then went back to crying, because she had to sit.  she has apparently been taking drama lessons from someone around three years older than her.  and she's learning from the best.

there you have it.  our girls are pretty rocking awesome.  we love getting to celebrate each and everything they do!

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