Thursday, February 7, 2013

looking for a new doctor?

abigail has expressed the desire to be a doctor when she grows up.  she definately understand more than most four year olds about medical stuff.

listening to her back

and front

holding her hand

is something wrong doctor?  you look intense.

checking reflexes.

taking her temperature.

looking in her ear.

checking her mouth and teeth (yeah she's also a dentist).

checking her blood pressure.

checking her eyes.

and the other one.

giving a shot (notice shilo's amazing ab muscles that she refuses to use for sitting?)


  1. Reminds me of my own little doctor. He's really picky about the whole set up. He will have me sit in the waiting room (kitchen) and then he'll be off in another room. He will come in and call me, check off my name, and then have me follow him to the scale and he will weigh me....then I have to follow him to his bedroom where we measure his height and he measures me. Then I have to sit on his bed and he checks me over really well. And it always ends in ME getting a shot. Though 90% of his visits end sans shot.

    Sooooo cute!!

  2. If I were Shilo, these exams would have me learning to run before I could sit! :)

  3. A doctor/dentist combo is sure to be in high demand in 25 years or so ;)