Friday, February 22, 2013

the going ons.

it's not that there's nothing going on in our lives.  it's just that, i don't have the mental capacity to write beautiful, or eloquent words right now.  so instead, i'll just show you some things we've been up to lately.

our new might not seem like the best parenting way to force shilo to sit.

shilo, sharing with the little girl, also being forced to sit in a box, how ridiculous her parents are.

tears over being forced to sit.

apparently abigail likes to plank while making funny faces,.
reading together.  we finished farmer boy (book 2 in the little house series)...
...and abigail couldn't wait to start little house on the prairie. 


                                            abigail has been reading to her little sister, and signing a lot.

and there you have it.  tomorrow (the 23rd) is our official 'year ago we were admitted to the hospital.  i'm doing better than i was last week, but i also have a little who has had a fever for five days.  i'm trying to remember she's bigger, and stronger, and her heart isn't broken anymore.  but, it's hard to remain rationale when you have seen the ugly side.


  1. looks like the sitting is coming along nicely (:

  2. Good thing Abigail likes her little sis and doesn't mind the crying that goes with box-sitting training. Otherwise she might start paying close attention to those USPS adds for the flat rate box - if it fits, it ships! :)