Monday, November 28, 2011

short and sweet.

I'm tired.  Jason went home to go back to work, but I have a few more days before I can leave, while waiting on the interstate paperwork.  So three year old, new born, and someone else's house has me feeling pretty busy.  I thought I would update a little that Shilo is out of the hospital (obviously), cord free, eating well, and sleeping pretty much anytime she's not eating.
And Abigail is in LOVE with her little sister.  I can't even put into words how sweet and wonderful she is being.  She is showing not one ounce of jealousy.  She is helping take care of her however she can, and most of all she loves holding her, singing to her (mostly made up songs about adoption), and giving her butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, regular kisses, and squeezes.  My heart feels blessed to overflowing watching my two girls together.
*someone* likes being a big sister

You probably won't hear from me again until after I am home and have some nighttime help from Jason.

Loving that Abigail has a baby sister,


  1. Big sis and little sis! I love it!

  2. so glad to hear the girls are getting along swimmingly. And I chuckle just thinking about Abigail's made up songs (:

  3. How precious. Shilo is gorgeous and big sister is so beautiful and looks so smitten.

  4. Such a BEAUTIFUL picture!!!!!