Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sign me up for some prayer.

I have a couple of request that I would like to make of you, my faithful blog followers.

First of all, this is a picture of my Papal.  He will be 86 on Thursday.  He is, by far, one of the greatest men alive.  His wife, my grandmother, passed away twelve years ago from cancer.  He was by her side every step of the way, caring for her, cooking, learning to do laundry, and so many other things.  His heart was broken when she went to be with Jesus.  The things that keep him going are living close to family, being able to drive and do things for himself, as well as the fact that he still works five and a half days a week.  Pretty amazing man, huh.
On Sunday evening he had a stroke.  It doesn't appear to be a severe one.  However, his vision is double, and his left side is week.  He is in the hospital still, and will be on his birthday.  I know that he is looking forward to the day that he gets to be reunited with his wife.  I also know, that people don't live forever.  However, it will be devastating to him to not be able to drive, work, and live independently while he is still hanging out here on Earth.  So would you pray that his vision would be restored quickly, as well as the complete use of his left side!

And secondly, I have a sick little girl.  Again.  I am trying not to be crazy Momma, but my head seems to be moving to those scary places.  So here's the run down.  Two weeks ago yesterday, Abigail woke up with a stomach virus.  She was vomiting all day, and had a low grade fever.  The next day, no vomiting or fever, but she was tired (pretty normal stomach bug progression).  The third and fourth day she was back to eating and acting normal, with some weird intermittent vomiting.  Went to the doctor.  Said likely flared up either GERD or Masto stuff wait it out.  She had no more vomiting, but some *other* tummy troubles from Thursday until Tuesday of last week.  We have been a week of normal.  This morning we woke up to vomiting and low grade fever again.  Perhaps she caught the stomach virus a second time.  I'm trying to live there.  But when your kid's body is programmed to grow tumors, weird symptoms take your head to scary places.  So would you pray that if something more is going on it would be obvious.  And if not, that she would kick this thing once and for all so we can get back to normal here.  

Thanks all.  I'll try to update you on both things in the next few days!!!


  1. Poor little Abigail. Lots of love and prayers for her and what ails her. Super speedy healing and nothing but good news ahead, including your grandfather.

  2. Strep is going around like crazy here. (ped said its bad in fort wayne too) My boys have had it twice in less than a month and never once said their throat hurt. Vomiting/fever were their main symptoms. We have tossed the old tooth brushes, boiled sippy cups, bleached pillowcases and I have been a mad woman with the chlorox anywhere. I seriously dislike this time of year. All sorts uckiness going around. Good luck, mama!

  3. Got you covered here. Please keep us posted on BOTH.

    And I just loved your last post!! Too cute!

  4. Drea actually your papa will be 87 on Thursday. And he was very excited when I went to visit him today and he only saw one of me because he had an eye patch on. And I have sent lots of prayers out for Abigail. Give her hugs and kisses.

  5. HUGS and prayers....We know this road. I hope it's nothing serious! Bless you and your family!