Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moving forward. Only forward.

I guess day five was the day everything caught up.  I spent yesterday NOT holding Shilo in hopes that her oxygen could be turned down enough to do oral feeds.  So last night I finally tried picking her up, at which point she desated and had to be turned back up.  Then I skyped with Jason and Abigail, and from that point on I spent the night crying.
I felt like my baby didn't like me.  I was missing my oldest daughter.  I was alone, tired, and just wanted to feel like something was going right.  I went back to the Ronald McDonald house for the night and got a good night of sleep.
I arrived this morning feeling a little better, and saw my favorite nurse was on today.  I have been okay with all of the nurses thus far, but Kathleen has by far been my favorite.  During rounds we found out we were going to continue to try to take off oxygen, get her chest tube out, and move to the PCU (progressive care unit).  Shilo was upset after they took out the tube, and I was actually able to hold her and calm her down.
So as of tonight, we are off of our oxygen and beginning to take oral feeds.  She still desats some if she gets moved around a lot, but we are still have a MUCH better day.
So things feel like they are progressing well.  Jason will be back tomorrow.  He also got hit with the life just went crazy stuff yesterday so we are looking forward to being able to support each other and be together again.  However we are still feeling pretty sad that Abigail won't be here with us.  I mean it would make things much more chaotic if she was, but we like her, and think she would really like the RM house and some of the fun stuff at the children's hospital.

So I guess that's our update.  We are moving forward and hoping to be up and out of this place soon.  It's been an overall good experience, but home would be even better. :)


  1. Continuing to pray overtime for everything to go smoothly so that you can get home quickly......
    God is good, all the time. Put your fears, your tears and your worries before Him. Put it all in His capable hands. :)

  2. Praying for you and your beautiful family. What a blessing, two sweet, breathtaking little girls! I hope and pray that little Shilo will soon be her with her wonderful parents and perfect big sister :)