Friday, December 2, 2011

My heart is full.

We are home.  Tuesday afternoon all of the interstate paperwork went through so I spent the evening packing.  I made certain to go to bed early and get lots of sleep get up every three hours to snuggle and feed a sweet little girly in my arms.
Wednesday we drove home and arrived around two.  Once I was home I realized that I had spent five days alone with a three year old, and a new born, gone to a doctor's appointment with both of them, and spent four hours in the car with both of them (plus a one hour stop to feed both of them).  I felt completely unfazed by it, and pretty proud of myself.  I was, however, more than ready to be home with a husband who loves to help, a bed that is my own, and lots of people we love jumping in to help.
This sentence is to let you know that I'm transitioning from logistics of life to the heart matters.  You have been prepared.
For some reason I always saw myself as the mother of boys.  There were three of us girls and no boys.  Both of my sisters had boys, and for whatever reason it just felt like I would follow suit.  So I was overjoyed when Abigail came.  As we started the adoption process this time I just sort of assumed we would have a boy.  We picked out a boys name. 
I was once again pleasantly surprised.  There are so many days where Abigail and I are playing together and I feel like my heart can't be any fuller.  Amazingly though, another little girl came along, and here I sit with my heart even more full than it was before.
The last couple of days have been busy with unpacking, a well baby check, and returning 8 million phone calls, as well as making new ones to set up things for Shilo.  I haven't had much time to just sit and enjoy being the Mama of a new baby.  So at nap time today I put Abigail to bed, and snuggled in with Shilo on my chest.  For two hours we layed there, my three week old daughter and I.  There is something so amazing about snuggling a baby that makes the world feel like all is right.   

Abigail smooching Shilo as we all three snuggled.

Somehow, it managed to get better.  I feel completely undeserving, and gracious beyond words that God has chosen me to be the Mama of these two sweet girls.

Thankful for daughters,


  1. So amazing and peaceful and congratulations.

  2. Two amazing little girls for an amazing Mom. God knew exactly what he was doing :-)