Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catch you up.

I realized I haven't told any of you MRI results. So, the MRI came back with NO tumors!!! YEAH! The only thing that showed up was something on her lungs. I know that 'only on her lungs' sounds scary, but the MRI was taken the day before she got sick. So with my limited knowledge it sounds to me like she actually had pneumonia again instead of the bronchitis that was suspected. We should be hearing from her pulmanologist today after he looks at the MRI (he was out of town). We may end up seeing him soon since pneumonia twice in a three month period is a bit much. But, she seems healthy right now (aside from being extra tired).

We also should be hearing from the ENT in the next week or so about what the MRI showed with her adenoids, and whether or not we are looking at surgery for removing tonsils and adenoids to help with sleep apnea. It seems somewhat minor, but still on the radar of 'things we may be doing' this summer.

All right, enough medical jumbo. Here's what I really wanted to talk about. Abigail has been a fussy, whiny, and disobedient little girl over the last few weeks. She has been through a lot, but didn't seem to be snapping out of it like she usually does. I couldn't figure it out, and was feeling completely wore out by all of the extra discipline she was requiring, and her tantrums.

So I put her down for a nap yesterday and Jason called to say he was going to be pretty late. I cursed at the thought of not getting my back-up when I thought I was going to. And then I had a bright idea. Abigail needed some summer shirts (somehow in our abundance of 2t clothing we had no tank tops and few t-shirts).

I always sort of forget that one on one time with her is different than me being here all day to take care of her. Sure we read, color, and play together. But it's divided with laundry, dishes, cooking, phone answering, door answering, and so on. So we went shopping (at the Goodwill) and went out to dinner together.

It was a lot of fun! We were both laughing really hard at dinner together. I enjoyed the time with her, and felt like I was ready to face today afterwards. And wouldn't you know it, I woke up this morning to the old version of Abigail. She has been joyful again. We have laughed, danced, read, and played with only one spanking the whole morning. When she asked for my attention and had to wait a few minutes she actually said, 'I no fuss and whine.' And then she didn't fuss of whine.

Perhaps next time I will remember that she doesn't just need date nights with her Papa. Here are a few pictures from our night together.

Abigail saw an episode of Blue's Clues where they make paper hats. So she takes pieces of paper, folds them (crumples them up like you would to throw them away), puts them on her head and says, 'Yook! Newspapew hat!' Mama wore one too.

And then she got sillier and put her fork and spoon on her head.

And since her meal was free with my entree, we shared a piece of chocolate cake. She liked it a little bit. ;)

Enjoying a day with just my little bug and I,


  1. Yummy cake! I want some. Glad you enjoyed your date night!

  2. Happy, happy for the good results!

    And gosh i got teary eyed reading the rest of your post. my Dumplings are all itching for some one on one time.Things have just been so hectic lately. I'm longing for some lazy summer days!!!!!

  3. That first pic brought a huge smile to my face--and I needed one today. I'm glad you were able to have some quality mama/daughter time (: