Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank You Jesus.

Abigail looking at her 'flower' she picked in our yard.

Just a fun little drop in to tell you about life. Abigail is doing great. All of our big appointments are done for the week, we just see the dentist tomorrow. We won't have MRI results for a few days, but she was AWESOME today. It was by far the best and easiest MRI day we have ever had. I have one easy and wonderful two year old.

I thought I would share with you Abigail's prayer before dinner tonight as a little smile giver.

'Jeyuh, Sank you for boo boo (on her hand from the i.v. today). Sank you for boo boo yeg. Sank you for a wonduful day. Sank you Mama, sank you Papa Bear. Sank you for a wonduful day. Jeyuh name. Amen.'

In case you need any interpretation 'sank' means thanks, 'yeg' is leg and I think the rest is self explanatory. Never hear a two year old thank Jesus for her boo-boos. But, it brought a smile to Jason and I's face.

Have a good night,


  1. Jesus, sank you for such a wonderful little girl. That is amazing. It takes adults years and lots of therapy to sank Jeyuh for those kinds of things.

  2. I'm smiling! What an Angel you have. Have a Glorious Easter!

  3. She looks ready for summer! What a cutie pie. Glad to hear things sound like they are starting to calm down.