Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No more tumor!!

Yesterday was the big day for Abigail. We had to be at the hospital by 6 (thankfully that is 7 Indiana time). We did the usual pre-op stuff of talking to the anaesthesiologist, blood draw, talking about history and so on.

The anaesthesiologist attempted to convince me that some children are traumatized for years to come by being put under by the mask, and so they could give her something first to help her be drowsy. I politely refused and said that this was her sixth time with a mask and I thought she would be fine.

They would only let one of us go back with her when they put her under. Jason went and said that they all went on and on about how amazed they were by her. She went down without tears or fighting, and never gave them one bit of trouble. We on the other hand, were not surprised.

The surgery took about an hour. The recovery nurse was also amazed at how she just laid on Papa, sucking her thumb, and not fussing. We were then moved to another recovery room where grandma could come in and be with us. Abigail was excited by her cookie monster balloon that grandma got, and her Blue's Clues dog that Mama and Papa got her.

She did get sick a few times afterwards, even with the anti-nausea medicine they gave her. We got to come home the same day though, and she took a pretty big nap when we got back. Her leg is definitely sore, but if you ask her if it hurts she says no. She is one tough cookie.

The more technical side is that, although he can't make us a guarantee, he feels confident he got the whole tumor out! We are celebrating here. We will get biopsy results from the tumor hopefully tomorrow or Friday. She has a line of stitches about 2-3 inches long on her leg. I'm certain there will be some scarring, but we feel so fortunate that the tumor is gone. We are rejoicing and enjoying our time in Chicago with the wonderful family that is hosting us for the week!

I'll leave you with the video from before surgery and a picture of her after (nothing gory, I won't post pictures of her leg on here). Sorry the video is sideways. I never remember that I can't turn the camera for videos. :)
I'm hoping to write another post soon with more of Jason and I's emotions about all of it!


  1. She is gorgeous and I am thrilled to hear that things went great!

  2. She's so adorable. Glad it went well!

  3. love the good news and love the video!!! wish i could just pick Abigail up and squeeze her!!! she is a trooper!!! Amazing how she handled everything! So relieved for you all!!

  4. I'm so glad to hear it went well! I was thinking about you all yesterday, and I hope you continue to get good news (:

  5. So glad to hear her surgery went well today. :) We've been praying for her and the rest of the family. Congrats!

  6. I'm so happy to hear that her surgery went well and that she doesn't have any pain! It must be a huge relief for all of you to have it over with. :)