Monday, June 7, 2010


What an MRI day looks like.

Abigail got some "blue's clue's" stickers from the nurse who weighed and measured her! Good start for her.

Lots of these moments before. She was hungry, tired, being seen by lots of strangers, and stuck in a little room.

Although you can't see it well, Abigail was sharing both of her thumbies with me while giving me a kiss.

And she enjoyed snuggling papa and watching some television while we waited.

A doctor came in to go over some things and gave her a bird before she left! It's been a big hit with her.

Before we were taken down to MRI we found this cool car she got to ride in. She sat and went "beep beep" the whole way.

Two hours later...a groggy disoriented little bug.

Somewhat happy (although disoriented) to find out her baby had a sticker (even if it was because baby wasn't actually with her during the MRI and they needed to label it as hers).

My favorite picture from the day. She had a hard time when she woke up because she only sucks her right thumb, and that was where they had put the I.V. However she did make a few attempts at it before she got frustrated and gave up. So sweet and snuggly. If you look real close you will see the tear on her cheek.
That was the day in pictures. So in words...
We left here around 7:45 and Abigail had already asked to eat. Not the best sign. By the time we got to Riley at 9:00 she was getting crabby, and insistent about food. However once we got inside and she noticed the water was back, she was pretty content standing and looking at it, as well as the large stuffed animals. That is until she walked over while we were checking in and some little girl was eating cereal. Seriously there is a sign before you walk in that says no food or drink because some of the kids can't eat before hand...and here was this little girl stuffing her face with fruit loops. It took every bit of restraint I had not to say something to her mom...especially as Abigail wailed and asked for food.
After that we sat in the day surgery area and waited, and waited, and waited. She did okay...still crabby, but nothing that I didn't expect from a 21 month old who was awaken early, and hadn't had anything to eat.
We finally got escorted to the MRI waiting area where Abigail seemed to forget about food because of all of the cool toys and books. I have no idea how long we waited, but I do know by the time we had seen the MRI tech, anesthesiologist, and anesthesiology nurse, it was an hour later than the MRI was supposed to start.
I had done my best to prepare Jason for what would happen when they put her under. None the less as she sobbed while they held the mask over her mouth I looked over to see tears on my husband's face....which caused me to stop holding mine in as well. So we prayed as she was being put under, kissed her goodbye, and left the area. We decided it was okay for us to go eat lunch so we could give her our full attention when she woke up.
We then came back and sat in the waiting room. Jason read a magazine, I sat and watched people. There was a mom and dad who came in with their teenage son. I noticed the mom tearing up. They came and called the boy. They were from another country, and I'm guessing culturally emotion is frowned upon. The mom sat and cried so the dad moved to another part of the room away from her. So she sat by herself trying to fight tears to keep from looking ridiculous. I remembered clearly sitting by myself while people watched me trying not to cry. So I did what I wished someone had done for me. I talked to her. I asked about her son, why he was there, and talked about how hard it is as a parent to have to leave them in the hands of someone else. I think she was thankful.
When they called us back after Abigail was done I saw her son walking out. I was glad he was done as well so she wouldn't just be sitting out there by herself again. Abigail was fussy, but once again it was to be expected. However it happened exactly the same as the first time. She had to stay for about 30 minutes so they could monitor her, and as soon as we got her dressed and she knew we were done...she had bounced back to her mostly normal self. And after we got food in her would have had no idea that she had been under anesthesia today.
Once again, we won't have results for a few days, and I won't post results until we are ready to share. So it could be quick, and could be a little longer. Thanks for staying with me through a long post.
Happy to have this over with for now,


  1. Thanks! I was wondering how today went, but didn't want to bother you if you were all napping or something! :) (I may have called anyway...I don't remember.) Anyway, thanks and you'll have to come to our backyard oasis as soon as I'm sure this was just a 24 hour bug that I won't give you your little bug!

  2. here's hoping for good results :)