Monday, June 21, 2010

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

We went on VACATION! It was great. Perfect timing amidst lots of good news and wonderful things happening around us, and then a week of relaxing, playing at the ocean, swimming in the pool, hanging out with grandma and grandpa, seeing lots of wildlife, and a million other things. Jason and I came back feeling pretty relaxed...and Abigail loved it. I thought I would share a few of the pictures with you...we didn't take very many because we would forget to get the camera out. We were just enjoying spending time together! However, Abigail loved the crabs, alligators, water, sand (of which she ingested a ridiculous amount), pool, starfish, fish, kites, helicopters, birds, boats, and mountains that we drove through. Her vocabulary grew exponentially with all of the new things that she saw.
Papa and Abigail in the water
Abigail holding of her favorite things.
Abigail was digging in the sand with papa.
Mama and Abigail at the ocean.
Abigail miniature golfing. She looks so stinking cute! And like her papa she got frustrated and threw her club at one point. :) I had to walk away after I told her we don't throw things because it was funny.
I'll end with a small medical blurb. She got bit by something during a nap on vacation and ended up with some sort of infection, so she is on a round of antibiotic...nothing too major there.
However Monday we had a weight check because she has been up and down all winter. So her weight was down about half a pound. Also over the last month or so she had some intermittent vomiting that wasn't linked to anything else (like maybe two times a week with no links in what she ate, time of day, etc.). So I asked the doctor to measure her head (higher risk for hydrocephalus) and it had grown 2cm in three months. To help you understand how much that is, most children's heads her age grow and average of 1.3cm every six months. SO, we are awaiting a call back from the neurologist today and looking at the possibility of a brain MRI in the near future. Too bad they couldn't get them all in at once. I'll update you in the next few days after we know more.
Returning to reality,


  1. Would they consider a CT of the head? It would also show fluid on the brain. If she can lay still for 30 seconds they won't have to put her to sleep. My 2 year old had it done and was able to stay still just fine. On the other hand, an MRI of the brain would be a good insight to her NF status (ie-optic nerve tumors)

  2. Tara,
    I would prefer an MRI over a ct because ct's have radiation (even if a small amount) and if she has to have this numerous times an MRI is safer for that reason. Also they have to check to see if there is something causing the blockage and will need to inject die to see if there is a tumor somewhere. So I think these are the two reasons they chose a CT for her. :) Thanks for the info though...I'll keep it in mind if they just want to check fluid at some point.