Saturday, June 5, 2010

Something official's official. Our beautiful 21 month old daughter wears undie bundies. (I hate the word panties, so this is what we call them at our house). About a week and a half ago something inside that sweet little head of hers clicked, and we are going all the time. We still won't claim perfection, but she is only in diapers at bedtime and nap time. And that my friends is a wonderful thing! And the equation that worked for her...every time she potties, we get to wash hands, get a sticker, put a magnet up on her potty chart, and "dan, dan" (dance) to a little song we made up about pottying! It was a little embarrassing when we had to do it at the store the other day, but I'll dance the day away with pride for my awesome little girl. Here are a few shots of her sporting some undie bundies!
Abigail has her undies on her head...we like to be silly.
Sporting some old navy undies I got for extremely cheap when our store closed.
Our going out undies. The have an outer cover that doesn't leak...just in case. :)
Doing the potty dance,

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  1. Yeah for Abigail. They grow up so fast don't they!