Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Some of my fellow bloggers have days where they do specific wordless Wednesday and thankful Sunday. I won't follow suit because I would feel like I have to post on that day; I don't like pressure.
However today I have much to be thankful for. So I thought I would do a list of things I'm thankful for today.

1. God spoke loud and clear today that his bringing us Abigail was not chance, and as He promised He is doing great things through her life to bring others to Himself. Truly beautiful beyond what I can write here!

2. Good friends from college coming to visit, laugh, reminisce, and dote on the sweet little girl who brings joy to our lives.

3. A husband who is my best friend, an AMAZING papa, and wonderful man. I can't describe how much I love seeing him sitting on the couch eating popcorn with Abigail and watching Elmo's potty video.

4. A little girl who's smile can melt my heart, who's laugh fills my soul, and who brings more joy into our lives than I could even begin to try to put into words.

5. A fun day before a hard one tomorrow. A day where life felt fun, and although all that will change will be the unknown being made known, it was nice to not think about NF, tumors, MRI's or the future (much) today.

Yes, Abigail's MRI is tomorrow. But today we will choose to be thankful and live for today. We will not have results tomorrow, and depending on what we find out, I may not post right away. Jason and I will both be going tomorrow which should make it a little easier. However you can pray that Abigail does well not eating, being put under, having the dye injected, and coming out of the anaesthesia without a belly ache, or being to disoriented to walk. She has done well before(although she hasn't had one since she has been walking), and are believing that she will tomorrow as well. Thanks for being a wonderful supportive community that I can share both my thankful list, and my need for prayers in the same post. :)

Mostly just thankful,

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