Thursday, March 11, 2010

When do the two's start?

Abigail playing at her friend's birthday party.

Okay so we have had the official "toddler" status for about three months now. However some time in the last few weeks Abigail's personality has switched to that of a toddler. Now let me start by adding if you have a strong willed child, you may want to bypass the next part. You will not have any sympathy and may decide to leave me nasty responses. I know that Abigail is still easy.
So Abigail has started throwing fits. I wish I could get one on video. It may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Ever. When Abigail is frustrated about something she gently lays herself down on the floor and rolls back and forth a few times. She doesn't kick, cry, or make a single noise. Anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes later she gets up and walks off to whatever her next activity is. Jason and I have to leave the room every time because it's so funny. It's almost like she innately knows she is supposed to throw fits, but also knows that it won't get her anything, so she doesn't give it too much effort.
However she also has been whining. A LOT! It may be one of the most tiring things ever for me. It is a noise I ignore, but in case you didn't know this, ignoring whining does not mean you can't hear it. So I am still irritated and annoyed by it. And she is still whining. However I have to admit that even this aspect of her is sort of funny.
Abigail is not strong willed. I would say her personality is more one where she lets you know what she does and does not like. So lets say she wants a banana, and I tell her she must first eat some of her veggies. She will eat the veggies, whining the whole time. So she isn't being "willful." She is just letting us know that she is not happy about not getting exactly what she wanted. Oh silly girl. Although it's funny to talk about, it is not enjoyable during the duration of it.

The other thing I was going to share was our newest journey we are beginning. Abigail will be getting orthotics (braces) for her feet sometime over the next few weeks. Her physical therapist thought we should try them to see if they help at all with any of the issues she has with walking. In the grand scheme of things, they once again, are not that big of a deal. However Jason and I are both a bit sad about it.
Like all parents we want our child to be healthy and not stick out. We want her to have great self esteem, knowing that she is beautiful, wonderful, and exactly who God created her to be. I have talked before about my worries with her cafe au lait spots as well as possible tumors. I feel like although we think she looks really stinking cute in the glasses it adds another element of worrying about her feeling different and getting made fun of. But the orthotics seem to take it to a new level. Maybe we are being somewhat vain. Either way, it's just another outward sign that Abigail has something going on below the surface.
I don't want to answer questions like "what's wrong with her" from strangers. She already has trouble running, and trying to walk on uneven surfaces. She does not have the gross motor skills of a child her age. So although the orthotics will help her walk "correctly" I also wonder if they will make things more tedious for her. Sometime early next week, they will be casting her feet for a mold to make the orthotics from, and then they will make them. So I will post pictures when we get them, and let you know how she's doing with them.

Moving forward as always,

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  1. I hear you on the whining! Kaeuna whines all day long, sometimes :) Adrienne