Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ready for Easter

Abigail's beads for Easter!
This post will be short, and I will probably post again in the next couple of days, because we pick up Abigail's orthotics tomorrow.
One of the most intimidating things to me when adopting Abigail was her hair. I was told over and over how hard it would be. However I don't find it to be that hard. It is much different than mine. However I love sitting and braiding her hair, how cute she looks with her afro, of just pigtails.
Tonight I finished Abigail's hair for Easter. Her beads match her dress. This may be one of my favorite things about her hair is being able to do it and still have it look great in two weeks. Next Sunday morning we will get up, and all I will have to do is put her dress on her and she will look stunningly beautiful as always. So I celebrate her kinky hair that is so wonderful!


  1. too cute! how long does it take you to do her hair like that? i'm totally helpless with hair- that's why I hope for little boys :)

  2. Katie,
    It takes about an hour and a half to two hours. However if I leave her hair it takes me 30-45 minutes to comb it out and do something with it everyday. So two hours for not having to do anything for two-three weeks makes the time very worth it. I can't do anything with my hair...but seem to be getting pretty good at hers. :)