Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our newest parenting journey!

We have some changes coming in our life. I hesitate to write about this because people have such differing opinions about when and how this should take place. However Jason and I have read some, talked, and even prayed about it and decided to embark on the journey of teaching Abigail to use the potty. I have read statistics that say starting early means more accidents, starting late means more bed wetting, and a million other things. Every book, website, and parent gave me statistics to back what they believed. So as always, statistics lie.
We are not using a method of any sort (or at least I don't think so). Abigail is running around in a t-shirt, baby legs, and socks. It's really cute because it makes her naked buns look like she's a cowboy with chaps over the pants....except she forgot her pants. :)
We are doing fairly well. Abigail love sitting on the potty, she has peed in it numerous times, and pooped in it this morning. She is a kid who will do just about anything for praise. So we aren't rewarding with food, or stickers yet. We clap, dance around, yell, call papa, call grandma, and whatever other silly things we can do to show her how proud we are of her. She loves it. So although we most likely have a long way to go before we are only using the potty, it is a beginning.
It has been interesting to me how nervous I was about doing this. I have trained probably 50 kids or more. But like everything so far, it's different when it's your own kid. I don't have a parent showing up saying, here's what we are doing, here's how and have at it. Instead I have to come up with the ideas and talk with Jason who often says "sounds good" to whatever I choose.
Parenting is so overwhelming sometimes. At least for me. It's not debilitating, just a lot of work. I have days where I think to heck with being consist ant. I want to go sit on the couch, eat french fries, and not care that Abigail is banging on the television with a phone. However I want to teach Abigail that obeying brings about good things for her. I want her to know that we have rules because we love her. So I press on. I attempt to do what I think is best for my little girl. I take into account what the Bible says about parenting, what I believe is the goal in parenting, and Abigail's personality.
So if you have kind encouraging words about training children feel free to leave them. If you have a different opinion it's okay. We can parent differently and both still be "right." And if you think I'm an idiot keep it to yourself. As I said above parenting is already overwhelming sometimes, and I don't need any help doubting myself. I am doing my best!

Trying to train my daughter in lots of things,

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  1. You are too cute! And way over stressed about this! You need to give yourself more credit! You are being an AMAZING mom, & as far as I am's never too early! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the day to see the post that says she was 100% accident free today!! Have a great weekend!