Saturday, January 9, 2010


Abigail's hair with nothing done to it.

There's something about little girls. The little clothes, tights, shoes, and all those hair clips. When we were waiting on a baby I would look at stuff every time I went to the store, or a garage sale. I knew we would have a little girl.
When Abigail's tummy mommy chose us I was so excited to get to do her hair. You can do cute stuff with little girls hair, but there are way more options for little black girls. They have this array of colorful barrettes and beads. You can put hundreds of little things in their hair that click clack together and just look really beautiful.
However I also knew there were differences in hair. So I started on my journey of reading and research. I found which type of hair moisturizer ("grease") and conditioner I was going to use for her. I decided on a shampoo. It was really important to me that I be able to do her hair. I know other adoptive mothers who often have their children's hair done by someone else, and I think that is fine. But I wanted to be able to do Abigail's hair. I wanted the time of bonding with her sitting between my knees while I moisturized and braided. I wanted to be the one doing her hair.
Well...she came out with a full head of curls. They weren't the tight curls that are there now. But we started immediately with the shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. It has worked great. She did lose some of her hair, but it has all (but one small spot in the back) came back in very curly. Her hair beautiful. We love it when it's down and just an afro. However because she is little it is hard to keep this nice (free of tangles and globs of yogurt and sweet potatoes). So I have taken to keeping it braided most of the time. I have gotten better...and will continue to as I try out new styles.
I love doing her hair though. I pull out the supplies and surround us with it on the couch. I pick out bead colors and decided what I want to do...braids, cornrows, a many choices. So last night I did a new set of beads (they stay in two to three weeks) and thought I would share the progress through pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love sitting on the couch with a toddler snuggled up to me while I part, braid, and bead her hair.

rubber band on the end
back view
top view
Abigail saying cheese
Mama and Abigail...braids are all done!
My very favorite things about the braids are that as I'm doing them I will often give Abigail a little mirror....and she will look in it and say aw. She knows she looks beautiful. And my other favorite is that she has learned early how to make them click together to make noise so she will shake her head all sassy like. It's great. I'm so glad that I learned to do her hair.

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