Monday, January 4, 2010

Another little update on life

Abigail in her new monkey jam jams.

Abigail started physical therapy today. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was really nervous for some reason. I think it was probably because someone I didn't know was coming to my home. Would it be clean enough? Would she think I'm a good mom? Just all those little insecurities that come out in me when new people are around.

Well it went better than I could have hoped. She apparently didn't notice the piles of laundry that needed put away, or that my kitchen needs mopped. I guess she wasn't here to inspect my house. Who knew? However she was here to interact with my daughter.

I was nervous about that too. I have noticed for some time that Abigail has a funny walk. I have even mentioned on here before I think. However I don't know how to describe it, and most toddlers have sort of funny walks. So I was a bit nervous she would think I was a silly over reactive mother who's child was fine. I was nervous that I was being a silly over reactive mother who's child was fine.

I wasn't. She immediately saw what Jason and I see. She said the same thing. It's hard to describe or even pin point exactly what it going on there. She definitely has low muscle tone, but then there are just a few other things that are "off."

I want Abigail to have nothing that she has. No more chronic ear infections, no more asthma, and no more nf. That being said it was a huge relief and affirmation that she agreed. I am not a silly over reactive mother. My instinct is right. There is something not quite right about the way she uses her legs.

She was wonderful with Abigail. Abigail loved that she had a bag full of toys. She was still a bit stand offish and frustrated at a few of the things the p.t. had her do. However the therapist was so patient, and when Abigail wanted me she would adapt what she was doing so that Abigail could be with me. It helped ease my mind a lot. Abigail has always been a cautious creature when it comes to other people. Since we will be seeing Miss Carol every week I was thankful that she was fine with Abigail's slow warm up time.

So from here we will have physical therapy every Monday afternoon. We are going to do a little more work to figure out exactly what is going on in there. We are going to have some x-rays done and go from there. We don't have any appointments this week (last week we had pink eye and a ruptured ear much for the no doctors for a while). So I'm hoping that she will stay well enough that we won't have anything else until next week.

We go to see the e.n.t next week, and I need to take her to have her lead levels tested. I am going to try to get the x-rays and lead test done on the same day...and I'm still holding out hope for a break after next week of doctors for a while. Keep praying this for us please. :)

Hoping for a break soon,

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