Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our weekend lessons...

Abigail with one of her Christmas presents...our little drummer girl!

I have had a very deep and interesting train of thought for the last few weeks. I have been meaning to blog about it. I will. But for now I am going to write about what I have learned this weekend...

1.I have an amazing husband. I didn't really just learn this, just was reminded of it over the weekend.

2. Asthma in a toddler makes visiting homes with lots of allergens very hard on everyone...which leads to my next lesson...

3. Although a newborn eating every three hours is really hard on the body, it actaully can be worse. Holding a toddler who is wheezing,and who has even more trouble breathing when you lay them down to sleep, until two in the morning when she finally falls asleep is much harder.

4. I really really really love our own bed. I enjoy being with family, but I wish I could take our bed with us.

5.Although we live in a state that gets snow EVERY winter people forget how to drive in it in the off season which leads to...

6. Sitting on the interstate for an hour and a half with a toddler in the back seat as well as two dogs is not enjoyable for anyone in the car.

7. Rolling down your window to get fresh air while sitting on the interstate will invoke the man in the semi next to you to roll down his window and yell something at you despite the fact that your husband and toddler are in the car.

8. Watching someone get stuck, although stinky for them, is a nice form of entertainment when sitting on the interstate.

9. Benadryl (as prescribed by our doctor) does keep our toddler from getting car sick.

10. Benadryl wears off after eight hours. This means if you are driving 40 for a while, stuck for an hour and a half, end up having to stop for dinner, and get stuck on the loop in Indinanapolis because the Colts game just got over, the eight hours will be up and your child will puke.

11. There is nothing like a horrible car ride home to make being home feel even sweeter.

12. Thinking that we were done with doctors visits for the year was ridiculous...tomorrow will be number three since Abigail's well check...she has pink eye.

Although this post is sort of fussy, we did have a great time with all of our family Christmases and are thankful for our families. We hope all of you had a great Christmas as well!

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