Friday, December 18, 2009

It's over!

She's reading a book here with signs in it...this one means eat.

If Abigail can stay healthy for the next two weeks, we are done with doctors appointments until next year. So all of you should pause with me right now and pray that this would be the case! was Abigail's 15 month well check. We heard nothing but good news. I walked out feeling like I could breathe easy for a little while. Abigail has grown. She is now 30.5 inches. She is around the 50% percentile for both height and weight. I was so nervous about what was going to have to be done if she hadn't grown still. Her head size is still literally off the charts, but I will follow with some more thoughts on that in a minute. The doctor said she is developing well, is very intelligent and seems to be doing great. She had to get a few immunizations that were quickly forgotten with the sucker from Gayle.
Yesterday morning was our evaluation for physical therapy. The two woman who come to evaluate were impressed by her as well. She scored off the chart for cognitive function. So apparently the large head mentioned above does mean a smarter kiddo. :) She did great with their testing, and they agreed that maybe her trunk muscles were a bit on the lower muscle tone side of things. So she will start physical therapy once a week after the new year. I am not sure how long she will have to do it, but this seems like no big deal to me at all. A woman, who has come highly recommended by two sets of friends who have daughters who have had to have pt, will come in our home and essentially play purposefully with our daughter for an hour a week. Abigail I'm certain will start to love it (bubbles, toys that are new to her, being the center of attention), and I'm hoping to get some pointers of things I can do to help her as well. Works out well all around.
We also had her pulmanologist follow up on Tuesday. We got a great report from him. He even said if she makes it though winter with minimal flare ups/issues related to asthma that we may be able to decrease or stop her medicine for a time. What a great week of appointments.
On Tuesday after her appointment we went and got french fries and looked at the water and stuffed animals in Riley's foyer. I would have liked to have just left after the appointment, but since she threw up all the way there and then had to get undressed during the appointment (after I had just changed her clothes and washed her up in the car) and was then looked over by a couple of people she doesn't know I thought I should end the day with something fun for her. She loves the water. I let her throw in a penny as well. I had to forcefully make her let go of it, but she liked the splash it made.
These appointments seemed like the perfect ending to a year that has been filled with so much. Since May Abigail has been to six specialist...not to mention the numerous trips to the family doctor, and two trips to the e.r. The joyful little blessing we have has taken every last thing in stride. She sits so nice while the doctor listens to her heart and lungs, looks in her ears, squishes her belly....and on and on. She has been put under two times this year, and has come out of both her normal happy self (although angry after both because of how hungry she was). I just can't help but feel like we were owed a week of good things. Especially after our 14 week run of doctors every week.
So mama and papa are ready to celebrate the birth of our saviour. We are ready to not think about doctors or nf (although I don't think this ever totally leaves my mind), or procedures, or anything related to anything medical. We are ready for a new year and a new hope. After all she is our Tohelet...our little girl who has taught us to walk in hope.

Hope deferred makes the heartsick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12


  1. Hey Andrea! i will be praying that she say healthyA! Curious... Have the doctors figured out why she throws up?

  2. What good news! I almost called you Friday to see if her fever had gone.

    I will be praying that this health and hope continues~ not for only the next 2 weeks, but throughout the year!

  3. Ashley...I guess it truly is just motion sickness...but it sucks! We are trying out a few different things to see if anything works.
    Connie...thanks. We ended up at the dr Saturday morning due to a bad reaction to immunizations, but tomorrow morning is her ifsp to discuss physcial therapy and I feel so relaxed knowing I am done with the appointments for now. I may try to call you this week if I have time.

    Have a great Christmas both of you!