Monday, July 1, 2013


it's officially summer here.  i can tell because we've been to the splash park, the park park, riding bikes, taking walks, playing with friends, and big participated in her first vacation Bible school.  (p.s.  vacation should be taken out of there.  for a week, i had to have her up, fed, and ready, earlier than we ever are.  so it felt a little bit like the opposite of a vacation).
as a result you have no idea what has gone down with headaches, seizures, hospital follow ups, and life in general.  so here you go.
abigail's test all came back normal.  she still has occasional headaches.  so, she just has headaches.
shilo's new meds have completely rocked our world.  i will come back to this some more at the end.  however, they are working, and we are seeing some amazing improvements in a little girl who's brain is now working correctly.
the hospital that messed up has called and apologized.  twice.  once for not paging a doctor when she was seizing, and sending us to the e.r. instead.  and once for the fact that she was allowed to have seizures, uncontrolled, for six months, because messages weren't actually getting to her neurologist.  we did still switch doctors (we love her neurologist, but if he can't even get the information, that's really unsettling to me).  we saw her new doctor already, and really like her!
life in general has actually been feeling a little more normal.  less stressful.  maybe it's all the vitamin d i'm getting.  perhaps it's the fresh fruits and veggies from our garden and the farmer's market.  or maybe it's that in the past three weeks, since starting new meds shilo has started to:

sit like a champ.  she has been 'sitting' for a bit, but never well.  two days on new meds, and her sitting went to rock star status.  she's signing all sorts of things, as well as copying our signing.  she smiles more (which to be quite honest i didn't know was possible.  she's always been pretty happy/content).  she's sleeping better, and finally dropping her morning nap.  she's started rolling a ball with her sister, and handing toys when asked.  just things that are amazing.  and today, for the first time we saw her creeping forward.  there was some major cheering going on at our house.

sitting like a champ.

enjoying bubbles with her sister.

papa getting her.

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  1. This makes me very happy! I pray for you guys and what a sweet reprieve. Still would love to meet all of you. Winston goes for a 4 day hospital stay next week! I also dread the night before. Love your sweet pictures. Tamah