Saturday, July 13, 2013

friday, you suck.

yesterday, i wrote a post about my oldest daughter's ridiculous affinity for eating things she shouldn't.  like glass.  and our e.r. trip.  but wouldn't you know, if one has something, the other tries to outdo.  so yesterday was a two e.r. trip (sort of three, but not quite), one ambulance transport, mama needs a relaxing adult beverage sort of day.
child #2, aka, little, had a huge cluster of seizures.   after dinner, they started.  i called a nurse on call.  they said take her in.  the e.r. locally gave her a second med to stop the seizures, and after a bit we were discharged.  we walked out of the e.r., and shilo promptly had six seizures (this is where they sort of three comes in since we had to be re-admitted to the e.r.).  the girl is starting to make a name for herself with post-discharge seizures.
so we walk back in, they take us back, and the doctor says they are admitting.  i would have been surprised if they had kept us since they aren't equipped for things like video eeg or even kids as complex as shilo (and i say that knowing that she is not nearly as complex as many other kids i know).  so we get told we are being transferred via ambulance to our new neuro's children's hospital.  they are keeping us so they can give her another med to help stop the seizures.
while there were lots of frustrating things about this specific trip, we will focus on the good for now, including that fact that while we were at said children's hospital, we saw her actual neurologist. so we got to talk to someone who already knew her history, and my thoughts on treatment.  we increased her dose of new med, and we are now home.
i honestly don't have high hopes of this being the answer either because this is what she did on her first med: responded well for the first little bit, and then just had progressively more and more seizures until we switched meds.  my kid had around 100 seizures between 6:30 last night, and 1 a.m. this morning. it's slightly frustrating, and mostly scary to watch them as a parent; there's nothing you can do.
i'm glad it's saturday though.  i can't think of a friday that was more eventful than that one, in my entire life.  little is sleeping now, and we haven't seen any seizures since 1 a.m.  i plan on going to bed very early since we arrived at the second hospital and got settled in at 3 a.m.  and i plan on partaking of my adult beverage privelage tonight as well.

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  1. Sounds like an awful, scary day :-( Hope that drink relaxes you a bit and that things get better.