Friday, July 12, 2013

let them eat glass.

while we have spent quite a bit of time in the e.r., most of it has revolved around things like seizures, and tumors tripling in size overnight, asthma attacks, and non-stop vomiting.  i can't actually think of a time when we went for a typical kid situation.  and this morning might sort of count as that, but i'm pretty sure not many parents go for this....

abigail woke up a little earlier than she is allowed to get up.  i let her and her sister (who was also already awake) hang out in her room for about the last fifteen minutes before those magic numbers on the clock allowed her the freedom to leave her room.  she came in at the end of the fifteen minutes and told me she had broken one of the light bulbs in her strand of christmas lights.  we went downstairs and i planned to sweep it up after breakfast.
and then, during breakfast she nonchalantly says, 'i swallowed some of the light bulb.'
(i responded by laughing in dumbfoundedness and exasperation.) 'you ate the glass?'
'no.  i was chewing on the light bulb and it broke, and i swallowed some of it.'

this was accompanied by a phone call to our doctor and my husband.  jason felt similar to me, but was more on the angry side than seeing some comedy in it.  when i hung up she asked what papa had said.

'he's pretty frustrated that you ate that light bulb.'
'why?  there's tons more of them.  i only ate one.'

right.  so apparently she didn't eat all of the light bulbs, she left plenty of them up there to enjoy, so really there is no reason to be upset.  one e.r. trip, complete with x-rays, later, and we're pretty sure she'll be just fine.  you know, aside from her affinity of eating glass.


  1. "Mama, Papa...chill out...Hobby Lobby will have them 50% off in a matter of months." Oh, Andrea...your life is anything but ordinary. So, so glad you can laugh about it and share the humor with your faithful followers :)

  2. You should teach her not to eat glass, Andrea.

  3. My cat eats/poops tinsel. We should get them together. They would have a blast at Christmas time. I feel like there's a Christmas song parody here somewhere, it just escapes me at the moment... Maybe Silver bells? "See the lights crunch, here the kid munch... in christmas time in the Mann house."

  4. Get it under control now! LOL. I had a 14 year old who swallowed a nice sharp wood screw while doing summersaults. She got to spend the night in the hospital until it "passed". I asked her why she swallowed a screw and her response was that she was just chewing on it and swallowing it was an accident.